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Name of Counsel: KHELU NONDWANGU


Year of Pupillage: JANUARY 2014


Date of Admission as an Advocate: JUNE 2014


Date of starting practice at the Bar: DECEMBER 2014


Number of Years in Practice: 8 YEARS


Professional Qualifications: LLB Degree


Email Address:


Telephone / Cellphone Number: 079-955-7878







On completion of the LLB degree he joined Van Der Merwe & Sorour Attorneys where he completed articles of Clerkship and was admitted as an Attorney during the year 2006. Immediately, after he was admitted as an attorney of the High Court, he was offered a position of Professional Assistant at Goodrick & Franklin Inc where he practised mainly with Civil and Commercial law until February 2008.


He joined the South African Revenue Services as a Legal Advisor in March 2008 and was later was appointed at a senior role of a Specialist Tax Legal Advisor at Tax & Customs Enforcement Investigations during 2012, a position he held until December 2013 when he joined the Johannesburg Bar.


Whilst in the employ of SARS - He was conferred authority to prosecute tax evasion cases in the Bloemfontein Magistrate Court by the National Prosecuting Authority from 2008 to 2010.


Furthermore, he had a right of appearance and has represented the Commissioner of SARS in Anton Piller type of applications (Search & Seizures Applications as well as Preservation Orders) in the High Courts. He has represented the Commissioner in tax matters in the Tax Court including Tax Boards.



Tax Law:

He advises clients on SARS’ investigations, audits, assessments, objections and appeals and represents clients in Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings, Tax Court and in the High Courts

He acted for clients in their dealings with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), and advised clients on taxpayer’s rights, income tax, Value-Added Tax (VAT), Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Capital Gains Tax, Customs & Excise and other fiscal statutes

He has provided Income Tax & VAT opinions and assisted clients with Applications for Reviews

He has advised clients on the powers of SARS and ensuring that taxpayers’ rights are upheld

He has facilitated ADR disputes cases and ensured compliance with legislative requirements and / or rules as well as administrative law

He has provided recommendation/s on whether to appeal Tax Court / Board and / or High Court Judgement/s

Customs & Excise law:

He has assisted various clients on SARS matters involving search & seizures, detentions and forfeitures, appeals and reviews in the High Court. He is also involved in other matters where constitutional issues are to be determined by the courts.

Administrative Law:

He has been involved in various matters dealing with administrative law reviews some of which were tax matters.



Labour Law:

He has appeared at the Constitutional Court in the matter involving ‘overpayments’ made to the employees in the Public Sector.

Served as a chairperson in various disciplinary proceedings and has acted for clients in the Arbitration Proceedings.

He has acted for clients in the Labour Courts in matters including inter alia Review Applications, Rescission of Judgment Applications and Interdicts Applications.

He has also served as an investigator in labour disputes in the cases involving alleged misconduct by employees.

Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Litigation:

He has served as a Pro - Forma Complainant (Prosecutor) with his mentor on behalf of HPCSA’s external inquiry relating to an unprofessional conduct of the Medical Practitioners

He acted for the Department of Health in various matters involving medical malpractice claims in the High Courts and recently, he assisted the Department of Health: Gauteng to vary the orders / judgments relating to claims of future loss as such claims can be paid in instalments in order to enable the Department of Health not to deplete its budget and thereby be in a position to achieve its constitutional mandate of rendering Health Care Services.

Constitutional Litigation:

He has had an opportunity to appear at the Constitutional Court and has an interest for matters involving socio - economic rights eg. Right to housing, education, health and free economic activity






Tax Law

Administrative Law

Labour Law

Further areas of interest includes Medical Negligence and Personal Injury matters.



South African Medico – Legal Society (SAMLA)

South African Tax Institute (SAIT)

Advocates for Transformation (AFT)

South African Society of Labour Law (SASLAW)

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