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Phone Number: 082-998-9990

Year of Pupillage: JANUARY 2020

Date of Admission as an Advocate: 15 JANUARY 2004

Date of starting practice at the Bar: JANUARY 2021

Number of Years in Practice: 2 YEARS



Adv Kitima Lekitima was admitted as an Advocate on 15 January 2004. With over 30 years of diverse industry expertise in the public and private sector, both locally and globally, he has vast experience ranging from being a consumer protector, a Regional Court Prosecutor, followed by 10 years’ experience as a Regulatory and Governance Specialist and 11 years as a Risk & Compliance Executive at Vodacom Group.


He decided to follow his passion of litigation as an Advocate, he left corporate work and joined the Bar in January 2020 to serve his pupillage and practice law on a full-time basis.


Adv Lekitima acquired skills and experience in mergers and acquisitions and conducting due diligence and investigations during his tenure as a Vodacom Compliance Executive responsible for governance in all Vodacom’s operations where Vodacom had footprint in the rest of Africa, a position he held for 11 years before leaving Vodacom in 2019 to serve his pupillage.


He also acted as a Pro-Forma Prosecutor and chaired disciplinary hearings dealing with professional misconduct on behalf of the HPCSA and Pharmacy Council against medical professionals and pharmacist during his tenure as Registrar of the South African Dental Technicians Council.


Since joining the Bar, Adv Lekitima acted (and still do) for the Department of Health both in the Northwest and Gauteng Provinces involving medical negligence matters as well as for the Department of Home Affairs involving review applications relating to immigration and refugee matters.


On completion of his LLB, Adv Lekitima was not sure if he wanted to become an Attorney or Advocate. As a result, he went through Law School (LEAD) and completed the six months Practical Vocational Training (PVT) and the Practice Management Training (PMT) Programmes for attorneys and successfully wrote the Board Exams. He later decided to be admitted as an Advocate instead.

Adv Lekitima’s LLM studies also honed his research and opinion-writing skills. He is also an accomplished international conference speaker on various topics on conflict of laws, governance, regulatory and compliance matters as he was frequently invited as an expert speaker on various local and international platforms to share insights on his vast experience as a governance and compliance specialist. That also honed his presentation and public speaking skills.


Adv Lekitima is a widely-exposed, rounded and skilled lawyer in litigation, regulation (governance) as well administration matters.

Educational Qualifications:

B. Juris (UNW); LLB(UNISA); LLM Commercial Law (UP); LLM Labour Law

(UP); Advanced CCMA-Accredited Certificate Programme in Labour

Dispute Resolution Practice (Stellenbosch); PG Diploma in Drafting &

Interpretation of Commercial Contracts (UJ);

PG Diploma in Corporate Law (UJ); PG Diploma in Compliance

Management (UJ); PG Diploma in Forensic Investigations &

Auditing (UP); Advanced Executive Management Programme

(WBS); Certified Ethics Officer (Ethics Institute); Certified

Director Programme (IODSA).


Membership to Professional Bodies

Adv Lekitima is a member of the following institutions:

  1. Compliance Institute of South Africa;

  2. Ethics Institute of South Africa;

  3. Institute of Directors of South Africa;

  4. Northwest Society of Advocates

  5. Pretoria Society of Advocates;

  6. Johannesburg Society of Advocates

  7. Black Lawyers Association

  8. Black Management Forum

  9. Advocates for Transformation




Appeals & Reviews; Administrative Law; Immigration & Refugee Law; Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Law; Building & Construction Law; Labour Law; Media & Telecommunications Law; Property & Eviction Law; Commercial Law; Insolvency Law; Competition Law; Governance & Regulatory Law; Tax Law; Pension Law; Procurement Law; Forensic Auditing & Investigations Law

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